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Preparing for the PL-300 Exam: Key Insights and Sample Questions

Preparing for the PL-300 Exam: Key Insights and Sample Questions

Angelica Domenech continues to delve into essential details for preparing for the PL-300 exam. The focus of this latest blog post is on the fourth functional group: Deploy and Maintain Assets, which comprises 15-20% of the overall exam.


Understanding the Functional Group and Objectives

The fourth functional group, vital for the PL-300 exam, is broken down into two primary objectives:

  1. Create and Manage Workspaces and Assets
    • This objective encompasses various skills like setting up and managing workspaces, and understanding how these contribute to the exam's scope.
  2. Manage Data Sets
    • Though smaller in scope, this objective requires familiarity with key skills in data management.

Both objectives demand not only theoretical knowledge but also practical proficiency in Power BI Desktop.

Navigating Sample Questions

To give a clearer understanding of the exam format and requirements, let’s explore some sample questions related to this functional group.

  1. Scheduling Report Notifications

    Question: How to set up a daily email notification at 9:00 a.m. for a report in Power BI?

    Answer: Create a subscription. This involves selecting the report in Power BI service, creating a new subscription, and scheduling the email.

  2. Setting Up Data Alerts

    Question: What types of visuals can data alerts be set for?

    Answer: Data alerts can be set for gauges, KPIs, and card visuals. This excludes options like scatter charts and pie charts.

  3. Assigning Security Roles

    Question: Which groups cannot be used for assigning security roles in Power BI Service?

    Answer: Microsoft 365 groups. However, distribution groups, mail-enabled groups, and security groups are viable options.

Tips for Exam Preparation

  1. Watch Previous Episodes

    To gain a broader understanding, review previous Angelica's episodes that cover other aspects of the exam.

  2. Practical Application

    Ensure hands-on experience with Power BI Desktop, as practical skills are critical for the exam.

  3. Stay Updated

    Regularly check the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel for more videos and insights, and engage with the community for additional support and information.

  4. Explore Further Topics

    Express interest in other topics or areas of the PL-300 exam that might be covered in future videos.


This episode provides valuable insights into preparing for the PL-300 exam, especially focusing on the 'Deploy and Maintain Assets' functional group. By understanding the objectives, practicing with sample questions, and engaging with additional resources, aspirants can enhance their readiness for the exam.

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