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Relating Related Tables in Power BI to Baseball (I Miss Sports)

Relating Related Tables in Power BI to Baseball (I Miss Sports)

Baseball Consolidating Tables Image for Matts blogI miss sports. In particular, I miss baseball.

Between learning more Power BI functions and the ins-and-outs of DAX, I've turned to Netflix to fill the deep caverns left in my soul since baseball season has been postponed. And as a result, I've thought about tigers and big cats more than I ever have in my life.

I know ALL about Carol Baskins and am fully on board for a spin-off centering on locating her lost husband. I've googled "is it really legal to own a tiger in a residential area?" Without baseball in April, I am barely hanging in there (kinda like Joe Exotic's eyebrow ring).

So, I am filling the sports-sized hole by using baseball stats in Power BI to demonstrate pulling data from multiple tables and consolidating it into one table. Some of the data we want to consolidate also has to have some aggregations (which is fancy for "calculations") performed on it. 

In this demo I will attempt to break down what is really going on behind the scenes of Power BI.  You all know I like to bring in my teacher lingo whenever possible and that's what I'll do as I use baseball to demonstrate how to easily bring data from one table to another using the RELATED FUNCTION and how to bring back MULTIPLE values AND do a calculation with them using the function RELATEDTABLE. 


Thank you for following my journey from Algebra Teacher to Power BI trainer and let me know how I can help you!

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