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Rocking Chairs, Dolly Parton and Power BI

Rocking Chairs, Dolly Parton and Power BI

Power BI Blog June 20You're probably wondering about that title, huh? Just stay with me. 

We all edit our interactions with the people we meet, right? Or sometimes WISH we could go back and edit some of our past interactions! And not just with people we first meet, but people we have known all our lives. There are so many exchanges I wish I could rewind to, filter out an unfortunate reaction or 2 of mine, and then hit “play” again.

But I guess that comes with age - - that realization that certain exchanges or unsolicited advice should be taken with a grain of salt, but others should be cared for and cherished because they are more precious than gold.  My mother-in-law calls those “Rocking Chair Memories” -- experiences and visuals in our minds that we can close our eyes and return to once our bodies are not quite as spry as they once were.

I am learning to edit my life… I want to make sure I have enough of those memories saved up for my rocking years. Cue Dolly Parton’s “Rockin’Years” classic and grab a tissue.

So, we’ve got rocking chairs, Dolly Parton, and Power BI - - a natural medley of things, right? Haha. Where we may not have the ability to edit interactions in real life, we do in Power BI.

Power BI allows us to edit the interactions that our visuals have with one another.  We can decide if we want one visual to cross filter another, play a larger part, or just plain ignore it.  We have this option available to us for every single visual that is build on our report page.  Thus, before publishing a report it is a great idea to fine-tune how you want your visuals to interact with one another and turn up the Dolly Parton tunes. She makes a fine soundtrack for life.

Check out my demo below on editing interactions!

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