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SAP Installation on Microsoft Azure

SAP Installation on Microsoft Azure

SAP Installation on Microsoft Azure

If you’re just starting out in a cloud-based platform, you may hit some hurdles when installing software onto a platform like Microsoft Azure. Today I’d like to share my first experience with installing SAP ERP software on Azure.  

About six years ago, I was responsible for leading an SAP ERP implementation on Azure. We were working with a local non-profit that was interested in tracking their inventory with scanners and having that auto-populate into the ERP system. The warehouse they had was in a hurricane zone, so they wanted it set up in a way that they didn’t have to worry about things like disaster recovery as the possibility of a natural disaster occurring was pretty high.

For someone who had only worked in machine-based server client relationships, the chance to work in the cloud was an exciting experience for me. But there were some hurdles and hookups we needed to overcome.

One of the biggest hurdles was when we were installing the client-based SAP onto the individual machines, it wasn’t talking to the server like we had anticipated. We ultimately discovered that the reason behind that was that someone did not specify the compatibility of certain PCOS’ and its ability to talk to the server.

We noticed that the Windows 7 machines that we were using were not compatible with the server installation of SAP. We eventually overcame that with some trial error by testing it on different machines and realizing that things don’t work on Windows 7.

Once that issue was resolved, it was a successful endeavor and I gained the knowledge to use moving forward when working with other cloud based platforms.

If you have any questions on hurdles or challenges that you need to overcome with any Azure product or service, we’re here to help. Our Azure experts have worked on countless projects and dealt with many challenges that give us the knowledge to pass onto you. Click the link below or contact us for help in anything Azure related, no matter where you are on your cloud journey.

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