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Using Bookmarks in Power BI to Give Users a Web-like Feel

Using Bookmarks in Power BI to Give Users a Web-like Feel

51554D11-DEDF-4122-BE95-1FF35EAC4684To slice or to bookmark? Oh, the quandaries of data analysis. 

Slicers are cool, but bookmarks might be better- at least in some instances.  Slicers are excellent when you want to dissect your data down to finer detail.  Are slicers complicated to use?  Not really.  Can we give our end users a more web-like feel using bookmarks?  You bet!

In this demo, I am going to show you how we can create bookmarks using the selection, filter, and bookmarks pane.  We will not have a slicer visible to our end-user, but the images or buttons we use for our bookmarks will give our end-user the same desired results with a more web-like feel.

The most important thing I have found when making bookmarks is to rename all of your images, visuals, and any other object you add to a report page in the selection pane.  This will help avoid confusion throughout the bookmaking process.

Hope this was another helpful tip from the Algebra teacher that went to Power BI! 

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