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SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Threat Detection for Azure Databases

SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Threat Detection for Azure Databases

Copy of SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Threat Detection for Azure Databases

Database security is of utmost importance and today I’d like to tell you about Advanced Threat Protection for Azure Database. SQL Advanced Threat Protection (ADP) is a unified package for advanced SQL Server and security capabilities that can be accessed and managed via the central ADP portal.

The Threat Detection feature that is part of this offering provides a new layer of security that allows customers to detect and respond to potential threats as they occur. It detects anomalous activities indicating unusual or potentially harmful attempts to access or exploit databases.

Threat Detection provides security alerts and enables response to potential threats. Users receive an alert upon suspicious database activities and vulnerabilities, as well as for SQL injection, anomalous database access and query patterns.

SQL Threat Detection integrates alerts with Azure Security Center which includes details of suspicious activity and recommends actions of how to investigate and mitigate the threat. It makes it simple to address potential threats without the need to be a security export or to manage advanced security systems.

You’ll receive an email notification when anomalous database activities happen. The email will provide details about the suspicious security event including the nature of it, database name, server and application name and event time. It also provides info on possible causes and recommended actions.

Watch the brief demo below that shows how to set up Threat Detection on an Azure SQL Database. Threat Detection keeps you up to date with database security, taking some of the concern off your plate.

If you have any questions about SQL Advanced Threat Protection, the Threat Detection feature or anything about cloud security in Azure, you’re in the right place. Click the link below or contact us – we’re here to help you with anything Azure and ensure you know all that you need to feel secure in the cloud.

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