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SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Vulnerability Assessment

SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Vulnerability Assessment

SQL Advanced Threat Protection - Vulnerability Assessment (1)

Security for your databases is, or should be, a top priority. Today I want to tell you about the SQL Vulnerability Assessment capability as part of the SQL Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offering, which is a unified package for advanced SQL security.

SQL Vulnerability Assessment is an easy to configure service that you can use to proactively improve your database security. This service can discover, track and help you remediate potential database vulnerabilities, and is managed via the central SQL ATP portal.

What is vulnerability assessment? This is built in to the Azure SQL Database service and provides visibility into your security state, thus enhancing your database security. It can help you meet compliance requirements and data privacy standards. It also monitors a dynamic database environment where changes can be difficult to track.

This database service employs a knowledge base of rules that flags security vulnerabilities and highlights deviations from best practices such as misconfigurations, excessive permissions and unprotected sensitive data. It focuses on the biggest risks to your databases and its valuable data.

It covers both database level, as well as service level security issues like server fire wall settings and server level permissions. The results of the scan provide actionable steps and customized remediation steps where applicable.

An assessment report can be customized for your environment by setting acceptable baselines for permission and feature configurations and database settings. The demo below will walk you through implementing vulnerability assessments on the SQL Database in Azure.

 If you’d like to learn more about SQL Advanced Threat Protection, Vulnerability Assessment or anything about database security or Azure in general, we are your best resource. Click the link below or contact us, we can help answer all your questions and get you on the right track to improve your database security.

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