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Take Control over your flow in Power Automate!

Take Control over your flow in Power Automate!

For the third part of my Power Automate Basics Series, I wanted to dive into the most common Controls used in Power Automate flows: Condition and Switch. For many new flow designers, understanding how to use the condition or switch controls can be a crucial step into progressing from basic to more advanced actions and designs. Once you have a solid understanding of which to use for the specific situation you are working with, the world of possibilities opens up in flow design!

The Condition control, for most, is the easiest to begin with because it allows you to very easily design a Yes or No path using if-then-else logic. All you need is to decide the parameter (in most cases the dynamic content) to base the condition on and identify what the selected response should be, then just design the next steps for each path. Now, conditions can begin rather basic, but there are a lot of ways to make them more advanced by adding more conditions and setting variables along with them. Moreover, one great benefits of a conditions are that you can use a range, rather than an exact value within the statement.

The Switch control, on the other hand, requires more specifics when setting up. Unlike the condition control, switch requires an exact value to find for the path to be initiated. This is beneficial when you are looking for that one item or object to respond to and want control over the exact response. Furthermore, you can use many different cases within the switch control, which means you are not just limited to a yes or no response. Finally, there is a default value within the switch control that serves as the else clause; essentially, it is the final bucket for all items that do not meet the specified case within the control.

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