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Techniques for Dynamic Reporting in Power BI Part 2

Techniques for Dynamic Reporting in Power BI Part 2

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Do you want control over your own reports in Power BI? In our recent webinar, Techniques for Dynamic Reporting in Power BI Part 2, Senior Consultant Robin Abramson takes a deeper dive into techniques for dynamic reporting, discusses performance considerations and when they are appropriate to use.

In the first presentation in this series, Robin discussed how a greater number of Power BI users with varying experience are utilizing reports to find the actionable data that helps them run their business, and how among Power BI users there is a common desire to see data presented in the ways most useful to their own workflows. By using Dynamic visualization techniques, we can give users greater control of their own experience – what they see and how they use it.

Power BI is still a new technology to many, so when you make reports dynamic it may take users time to grasp that they don’t have to manipulate what you give them. Instead, they can request reports and dashboards that give them actionable information without having to jump through hoops. Dynamic report techniques not only give users better data, it also teaches them a better way to get to their data with a better technology.

This webinar will dive into (including demos):

  • Requirements for dynamic visualizations and the fact that not all methods will work with direct connections
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Techniques such as: WhatIf parameters, top & bottom records, slicer tables, measures with switch, unpivoted data, non-linear date slicers

So, if you’d like to learn more about techniques for dynamic reporting in Power and how to let the users drive, this webinar is for you! Watch the complete webinar below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here.

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