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The POWER of Support

The POWER of Support


Since joining Pragmatic Works in March, starting over in a new career after devoting 15 years to teaching middle school,  I've done something each week that I had never done before. Something scary and something brand new: I blogged. Sitting down to write is not something that comes naturally to this former Algebra teacher. However, as my journey through Microsoft's Power Platform has taught me, what may seem foreign one day can soon turn familiar, especially if you feel supported. I've shared my journey with you from the beginning, tips and tricks, and monthly Power BI updates. But today, as I sit down once again to write, it's not data or power queries that are on my mind. It's gratefulness; yes, even in the midst of a global pandemic- the true power of support can cut through all the fears of trying something new. 


Oh, how I have been blessed to have been hired by Pragmatic Works, where the POWER of support is truly the heart and soul of the company.  Not only did they give me an opportunity to start this new career, but they made sure to give me encouragement every step of the way. 

I started my professional career in 2006 as a teacher.  Transitioning from the public sector over to the private in the year 2020 was a leap, but it was a leap made so much easier by Devin and Brian Knight.  Let me give a few reasons why (and the fact that this is in "note" form should remind you once again that I am a former math teacher, haha).

1)     They care about their employees in more ways than one. 

a.     Encourage you to do your best

b.     Ask what extra resources they can provide you in your learning to make you the best trainer possible.

c.      Check-in on you and your family on a weekly basis

2)     Have other employees in the company who are higher on the “chain” mimic the same behavior that they do of caring about their employees.

3)     Give back to their community in terms of free learning and outreach.

4)     Ask for feedback on what they can do to make the work experience the best it can be

5)     Promote positive energy and morale by setting up programs and examples within themselves

6)     Think of their employees and not just the bottom line.

I just felt like a needed to share, how lucky I am to work for a company that is founded on the POWER of SUPPORT, not just for their employees but for their clients. They- actually let me say "we"... we want YOU to feel supported so that what may seem foreign to you one day, will be familiar the next.  


True support takes the angst away from starting over and makes you realize it's just a chance to build something better. Whether it is a new career, a new query, or a new year (2021 has to be better, right?) the power of support is critical. I am so very grateful for the 2 brothers, under the mantle of Pragmatic Works, who provide it daily to all who connect with them. 

Storms don't last forever, but the feeling of being supported has the power that can. It's even powerful enough to get a math teacher to blog. 


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