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This Week in Data - The Value of Certifications

This Week in Data - The Value of Certifications


We know you you've been dying to know, what is TWID?  Drumroll please.... We're excited to announce the launch of This Week In Data!  This Week In Data is a weekly video podcast hosted by Adam Jorgensen and Devin Knight that discusses important news and topics within the data world. The goal of the series is to drive thoughtful conversations that address questions and concerns you may have about data culture. 

In the first episode of the series, we discuss the value of certifications. We often hear questions like:

- "Do I need to have certifications?"
- "Do employers look for certifications when hiring?"

This topic is heavily debated and opinions can often vary depending on personal goals. Adam and Devin debate what certifications you may need, do they matter to companies and give their thoughts on what value they think certifications hold. The guys also have some fun talking about Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn and the Jeep hacking scandal


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