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Top 5 Power BI Custom Visuals

Top 5 Power BI Custom Visuals

with Devin KnightPower BI Custom Visuals are an amazing, free way to enhance what is possible in your Power BI reports. No one loves and knows more about Power BI Custom Visuals than our own Training Director, Devin Knight. In a recent webinar, Devin gave an in-depth tour (with demos) of his top five custom visuals.

Custom visuals are developed by Microsoft, as well as the Power BI community. They are a great way to extend Power BI by adding custom visuals which are easily consumed through Power BI Desktop. Unfortunately, there is very little information out there on how to actually put them to use.  

In this one-hour free webinar, Devin digs into 5 custom visuals: Sand Dance, Synoptic Panel, Timeline Storyteller, Power Apps and Infographic Designer, plus a few bonus favorites. He shows how each one extends Power BI and discusses the scenarios where these visual make sense to use. You’ll even learn a little about how you can build your own custom visuals.

If you’re looking to learn more about using custom visuals on your Power BI reports, this webinar is for you – you can watch the full webinar here

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