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Universal Design in Power BI: KeyTips

Universal Design in Power BI: KeyTips


Welcome to a new video series by Greg Trzeciak  at Pragmatic Works, focusing on Universal Design in Power BI. The goal is to share tips that enhance the accessibility of reports for all users, regardless of their unique needs. Greg is passionate about making reports universally enjoyable and consumable.

What is Universal Design?

  • Universal Design aims to create reports that cater to everyone's accessibility needs, including physical, emotional, and vision-related requirements.
  • The focus is on making reports universally consumable and enjoyable for a diverse audience.

KeyTips: A Game-Changing Feature

  • KeyTips are a ribbon-level navigation tool in Power BI Desktop and Power Query Editor.
  • Activated by pressing the "Alt" button, KeyTips display letters and numbers corresponding to different items on the ribbon.
  • Provides an alternative method of navigation for users who may face challenges with a mouse.
  • KeyTips are not only faster for some users but also a valuable tool for those who cannot use a mouse.

How to Use KeyTips

1. Press "Alt" to activate KeyTips.
2. Letters and numbers appear on the ribbon; press the corresponding key to access a specific item.
3. For example, pressing "V" takes you to the "View" tab.
4. Press "Escape" to clear KeyTips.

KeyTips in Power Query Editor

  • KeyTips are also available in the Power Query Editor, offering a similar set of commands.
  • While less visually flashy, they are equally effective in navigating through commands.
  • Press "Alt" to activate KeyTips in the Power Query Editor.


Pragmatic Works Pro Tip: Object Interactions Preview Feature

  • Greg recommends enabling the preview feature for "Object Interactions" in the options.
  • This feature enhances the fluidity of navigating with just the keyboard.
  • It provides a better overall experience, making accessibility a priority.

Live Demonstration

  • Greg demonstrates using KeyTips in Power BI Desktop.
  • Shows how to navigate through the ribbon using KeyTips.
  • Highlights the option to use "Tab" and directional arrows for further navigation.
  • Emphasizes the ability to build reports without the need for a mouse.

Accessible Themes

  • Greg introduces pre-made accessible themes by Microsoft.
  • These themes are ready to apply and contribute to creating universally designed reports.
  • Promises to share more insights about accessible themes in upcoming series episodes.


Navigating Power Query Editor with KeyTips

  • Demonstrates how to use KeyTips in the Power Query Editor to navigate and perform tasks.
  • Shows how to transform data using KeyTips and other keyboard shortcuts.
  • Highlights the efficiency and accessibility benefits of using KeyTips in the Power Query Editor.


Greg wraps up the video by encouraging viewers to try out KeyTips for themselves. He emphasizes the significant impact of this feature in making Power BI reports more accessible. The video serves as the first part of the Universal Design Series, where Greg promises to share more accessibility tips and tricks to enhance the universal design of reports.

Keeping Up with the Nerds

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