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Utilizing Microsoft Stream

Utilizing Microsoft Stream

Utilizing Microsoft Stream (1)

We all know life can get hectic. Here at Pragmatic Works, we're no different. But one of our goals is to learn something new about Azure every day, as things are constantly changing and being updated. Many people are still learning all the amazing things they can do within the Azure cloud and we want to help. Our posts in our Azure Every Day series are a great way to learn more about Azure each week.

What do you know about the tool within your Office 365 subscription, called Microsoft Stream? This is an often underutilized application in my opinion, so I’m here to tell you more about it.

The Microsoft Stream application is available to anyone who has an Office 365 subscription and this has an E1 license or better. A few things about Microsoft Streams:

  • It has the capability to easily share videos with people throughout your organization. From an organization standpoint it’s nice to be able to put videos in one location and automatically share them with everyone, whether it’s department specific teams, managers, high level employees, etc.
  • A favorite feature of mine is that by default it transcribes videos automatically for you. Not only does it transcribe them but it time stamps blocks of content and adds punctuation marks for you. This is a great high-level feature that Microsoft has added to Microsoft Stream.
  • At Pragmatic Works, we use Streams for many things like consulting and training and easily sharing videos across our organization.

This awesome app is something you more than likely have in your Office 365 tenant. To check it out, go to office.com and look for the Microsoft Stream icon. If you have it, you can go ahead and use the video functionality right away.



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