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Visual Calculations in Power BI

Visual Calculations in Power BI

In a new video on the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel, Senior Trainer Mitchell Pearson introduces the new visual calculations feature in Power BI.


The introduction of visual calculations in Power BI represents a significant advancement, making complex data analysis tasks simpler for users by reducing the need for extensive DAX coding. To utilize this feature, users must ensure they are running the February 2024 version of Power BI or later and have the feature activated in the preview settings.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Activation Process: Users must enable visual calculations through the Power BI preview features settings and restart Power BI Desktop for full access.
  2. Creating a Three-Month Calculation: The tutorial focuses on calculating the last three months of data, showcasing the feature's capability to simplify data filtering and averaging.
  3. Limitations and Opportunities: While acknowledging its current limitations, such as restricted access to external data within visuals, Mitchell remains optimistic about future enhancements.

Detailed Example

A practical demonstration shows how to execute a three-month rolling average calculation, illustrating the simplicity of visual calculations compared to the traditional DAX approach. The comparison underscores the new feature's efficiency and user-friendly design.

Looking Forward

Anticipation for further exploration of visual calculations is high, with announcements of upcoming events and courses aimed at deepening users' understanding of this feature. Mitchell encourages viewers to experiment with visual calculations to fully grasp its capabilities and constraints.


The video concludes with an emphasis on the practical benefits of visual calculations in professional settings. Understanding the feature's limitations is crucial, and Mitchell advises preparing explanations for stakeholders. Despite potential drawbacks, visual calculations are celebrated as a major enhancement to Power BI, promising to streamline data analysis tasks significantly.

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