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We Are Excited to Announce Azure Data Week!

We Are Excited to Announce Azure Data Week!

BannerFinal Azure Data WeekSince its introduction in 2010, Microsoft Azure has been taking the world by storm. Here at Pragmatic Works, we’ve seen incredible growth with customers wanting to move to Azure and have been helping them to do that. With Azure, there is a lot to learn, from the products and services offered to how to best implement it for your business.

We’ve witnessed a gap where everyone wants to learn more about Azure and there’s not really one place, that’s easily accessible, to get all this Azure knowledge. So, we decided to go big and we’re excited to announce Azure Data Week coming in October—a week that will bring the entire Azure data spectrum together for customers!

With a goal to make this super accessible for as many people as possible, Azure Data Week is a week-long virtual conference, all for only $29! Yes, you heard it correct, $29 – that’s 1% of the price of those big, expensive in-person conferences, without the need to fly out and miss a week of work. Different topics every day, 100% on line and easy to access where ever you are, on any device.

For Azure Data Week, we partnered with Microsoft to bring together sessions on Power BI, Azure Data Warehousing, Data Platform, Analytics, AI and management and infrastructure. People can get a full circle view of what Azure is and how they can best use it for their business, or if they’re already using it, they can learn how they can expand upon what they’re already doing.

One of the biggest questions we get from customers is, how can we get clarity? We see all that Microsoft publishes and how Power BI changes all the time – how do we put this all together and gain clarity on it all?

So, we thought long and hard about the way we could offer something special, dedicated to all there is to learn about Azure and we wanted to focus on places where people stop on their journey.

  • Are you planning to use Azure more for your data?
  • Are you doing a full implementation?
  • Are you trying to do development and empower your developers?
  • Is your focus on doing security, management and infrastructure?

We took these areas and grouped them into different days. In Azure Data Week, Power BI has its own day with our experts, as well as some from Microsoft, presenting about the Power BI Road Map, Best Practices, security and managing Power BI in the enterprise.

Other days cover:

  • Azure Data Platform, like SQL DB and Managed Instance.
  • Data Warehousing, BI and the expanded modern data warehouse, including Data Lake and managing your data in new and different ways, as well as managing the orchestration and integration and whatever else comes along with a modern data warehouse in the cloud.
  • Big Data and Analytics, covering things like Data Bricks, HD Insight, Python and open source tools. We want people to understand not only the Microsoft first-party services, but all the open source opportunities available in the cloud as well, such as Cosmos DB – one of the fastest growing data platforms ever!
  • Infrastructure and Management. Many people deploy this stuff in dev and then think, how do I secure it? How do I connect it to my data center? Not really the fun part compared to the data stuff but incredibly important to know and a gap we often see with customers just starting out.

We’ve been offering our training as a service to you for 10 years and we couldn’t be more excited to offer Azure Data Week! We, and certainly Microsoft, have the knowledge and expertise to bring this all together.

So, when does this exciting Azure event happen? Mark your calendar for October 8th – 12th, 2018 and check out the website azuredataweek.com to get all the info on it, as well as keep up as we add more announcements of session details and speakers over the upcoming weeks.

Azure Data Week – a week of Azure learning, all offered to you virtually, choose 1 day, 2 days or all 5 – all for $29 - need we say more? Visit the website and get in on it today!


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