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We are Proud to be Part of the Elevate Partner Program Announced by Datometry for Global Customers

We are Proud to be Part of the Elevate Partner Program Announced by Datometry for Global Customers

press-release-hero-imageWe are excited to announce the launch of Datometry’s Elevate Partner Program. The program recognizes global and boutique solution partners with key expertise in system architecture, analytics, and large-scale data management to implement cloud-native solutions based on Datometry technology.

A little over a year ago, Pragmatic Works partnered with Datometry to bring their database and data warehouse migration solutions to their customers. This partnership combined Pragmatic Works’ expert consulting services with Datometry’s world-class solutions, saving companies time and money.

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Microsoft and Amazon Web Services and is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Datometry’s data warehouse virtualization technology enables enterprises to run their existing applications instantly and natively on modern cloud data warehouses without having to rewrite the applications.

Companies partner with Pragmatic Works to transform their data centers by leveraging our assessment methodologies, tools, and the expertise of our team to build and execute a successful migration. Many companies today are struggling to balance their infrastructure spending between the cloud and on-premise data centers, while trying to minimize cost and confidently meet their growing data needs.

The Elevate Partner Program recognizes partners for their expertise, offering customers trusted resources to accelerate the adoption of cloud data warehouse technologies and targets global customers. The singular mission is to enable partners in building deep expertise and thriving businesses practices with Datometry technologies to deliver customer success. Pragmatic Works is thrilled to be part of this program, so that with our expert consulting services we can offer the best, cost efficient and successful cloud migrations for our customers.

Some key benefits the program provides to partners is: collaboration, training and access to resources to drive migrations at scale; early access to new Datometry products and releases; the opportunity to become a Datometry software reseller, providing customers with a single-vendor experience for products and services.

Mike Waas, Founder & CEO of Datometry says, “Our partners are a critical element in the customer journey to the cloud and we believe that deep partner collaboration will deliver very successful outcomes for our customers. The Elevate Partner Program gives customers the confidence they can turn to partners who are true specialists and experts and know how to help customers gain maximum value with Datometry technology.”

At Pragmatic Works, we pride ourselves on our customer success in migrating to modern cloud data warehouses, adopting cloud technologies and digital transformation. We’ve helped many of our over 7,000 customers migrate and this new partnership gives us an added ability to help.

“We are excited to join the Datometry Elevate Partner Program to bring transformative digital technology to help our customers gain competitive business advantage,” says Adam Jorgensen, President of Consulting for Pragmatic Works. “We look forward to enhancing our key role as trusted advisors to the Global 2000 and, at the same time, scaling our best talent and acquiring customers faster. “

To learn more about The Elevate Partner Program or to start the journey to get your organization into a modern data cloud platform, contact us. We’ve helped many of our over 7,000 customers with their cloud initiatives. Companies trust our expertise and success rate and with the Elevate Partner Program and Datometry our goal is to help companies in the US and globally make their migration plans a reality.

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