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We're Excited to Announce Our New Course - SSIS in the Cloud

We're Excited to Announce Our New Course - SSIS in the Cloud

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Why is using SSIS in Azure important? Companies receive data from outside their organization and need to perform data-quality routines to standardize and clean the data before loading it into their systems. One obstacle many organizations face when migrating databases is that SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) still needed to run on a server, requiring a SQL Server license. With the announcement of the preview of SSIS in Azure, Microsoft has cleared this portion of the migration path.

In our brand-new SSIS in the Cloud course we will take a deep dive into SSIS, a tool you’re already familiar with, and guide you on how to utilize this tool in Azure. Still not convinced if this course is right for you? Join course creator Manuel Quintana as he answers 5 questions about our new SSIS in the Cloud course.

Who is this class for?

Our SSIS in the Cloud course is designed for users who want to utilize SSIS in Azure but are not quite ready for Azure Data Factory. If you’re interested in SSIS, Azure Storage, Azure Data Factory or Azure itself then this is the class for you.

What skills are needed for this class?

In order to make sure you succeed in this class we do recommend a basic knowledge and understanding of Integrations Services. If you have attended our Introduction to SSIS, then you understand control flows, dataflows, and how to create connection managers, which is perfect for this course. We will discuss and create new packages, but we will not dwell on the design process. You will gain a better understanding of how to leverage these Azure components in SSIS and canvas through this course.

Why is this class so important?

SSIS has been around for years and is a very useful tool in extracting, transforming, and loading data. With the popularity of Azure and its various services, you can now keep your SSIS packages and move that information into your cloud environment. This service will allow you to stay in the now as well as sticking to a familiar service.

 Why is this class different?

In this class we pride ourselves on the delivery of this content. Unlike other resources, we have put together the appropriate order and process of learning SSIS in the cloud that will allow you to easily understand the content, so you can revisit specific points as they arise in the real world. We will go through various processes on how to create packages in Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Factory and Azure Data Instances. Our goal is to go through all these processes, but in a controlled and organized matter so you can get the most from this class.

 What are the key takeaways from this course?

At the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the capabilities and offerings Azure can provide to your organization. You will feel confident using SSIS and in Azure. If you are deciding whether using SSIS in Azure is the right path for your organization, or should you to jump over it and design with Azure Data Factory, this is the course for you.

We hope these 5 questions have clarified the importance of SSIS in the Cloud, as well if this course is right for you. If you are ready to merge SSIS with your Azure environment, visit our website to subscribe to our new class or click the link below for your free On-Demand Learning trial.


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