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Why Are People Moving to Azure Storage?

Why Are People Moving to Azure Storage?

PRAG_Banner_AzureEveryday_600x250-1For this Azure Every Day, I sat down with one of Pragmatic Works Consulting Sales Managers, Matt Dunn, to ask him what he hears people saying about making the move to Azure, and the types of solutions people are trying to move.

The biggest reason he hears from businesses is wanting to free up their onsite storage area and to get a lot more headroom for their overall solution. As far as what they are moving, the most talked about are SQL Server and of course, the big one, disaster recovery.

For disaster recovery, we talk to clients about the accelerator in Azure, as well as the ability for customers to pick technologies like AlwaysOn and other related technologies that they can take advantage of as they move forward.

What about moving storage for more headroom? Matt finds that customers like the idea of being able to free up the space onsite, but also to have their information stored yet still accessible. Once people realize the availability of their data in Azure, it makes the cloud very appealing.  There are also options such as cool and archive storage, which gives organizations the ability to hold data in reserve and keep a lot of data around that they couldn’t before.

If you’d like to learn more about the many storage options in Azure, with blob, file and queue storage or anything about how moving to Azure can help your business solutions, click the link below to speak to any of our knowledgeable team. We’re here to help.

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