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Your Hidden Data Workforce

Your Hidden Data Workforce

Your Hidden Data Workforce (1)Are the teams within your organization really using your data? If not, they should be. According to Gartner, data driven companies see a 27% year over year increase in revenue. But unfortunately, a study by Harvard Business Review found that only 33% of employees in corporate American find themselves data literate.

What that means is 77% of your team doesn’t feel confident or comfortable using data and more than likely, a high percentage of that 77% needs to use data in their job. I find this heartbreaking. So, who is that hidden data workforce that’s not using your data?

  • The people that create data, maybe through data entry, call center folks or the people running a factory floor or production or sales teams – anything that produces volumes of data, but they are not data literate. If they’re not using or analyzing that data, they don’t understand how the data they’re producing impacts the rest of the company.
  • People who use data to do their jobs, like the management and leadership of those groups - maybe they are semi-data literate and run a report or two to run their day to day but they’re not confident in looking at anything that doesn’t show up right in from of them.
  • The people that rely on that data to help others such as your field, your repair crews or your sales team – anybody that’s using your company’s data to help teammates or your customers.

If these team members don’t understand how to access, use and interpret the data that’s available to them, you’re missing out on 77% of your team being effective. Imagine if you could take 77% of your company and improve their performance by even 20% - huge right? And studies prove that the more people you have that are driving and working in a data driven culture will continue to increase.

This hidden data workforce is where your challenges are. You can’t rely solely on your power analysts that can rock Power BI, Tableau and Excel and build presentations. Everybody should be able to do those things to some appropriate level for their role.

One way we get customers to solve that problem is to get them out of the ‘managing of the platform’ business for Power BI. We take on the management, data refresh fixes, security tickets – all the stuff that’s clogging up the works – as well as the enterprise rollout and security management.

We also get everyone using and interpreting the data through design reviews, development best practices training and things that help you unblock your Power BI movements and get it accelerated into the enterprise.

With our Power BI Managed Services program, we take care of all of that. We have the capabilities to drive a different type of experience in your data driven world. In doing this with customers we’ve seen incredibly transformative results.

But my most important point today is—get your team using your data. We’ve witnessed Power BI unlock that in so many businesses and we love watching the transformation that happens in those engagements.

So, contact us and start a conversation about how our Power BI Managed Services can help you or to learn about how you can do more things with your data every day. Get your team data literate, use your data to drive your business and watch it grow with the transformation.

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