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Pragmatic Works put together quick reference guidebooks to help you better understand some of our most covered topics, including chatbots, Power BI’s DAX formula language, and Azure cloud computing services. Each book was put together in conjunction with a Learn with the Nerds free virtual conference. While the books include a solid breakdown of topics covered, past conferences can be viewed on our YouTube channel. Head to the event page to check out future events.

The Nerd's Guide to Chatbots

The Nerd's Guide to DAX

The Nerd's Guide to Azure

Everything in Power BI is more complicated if you don’t build a good data model. Business Intelligence consultants spend an entire career learning how to build data models, but NOT you! Understanding the fundamentals of dimensional modeling (Star Schema) can get you very far in Power BI. In this session, Mitchell Pearson will discuss the fundamentals of building a Star Schema and additional Power BI features to enhance your Power BI capabilities.


What You’ll Learn:

• What is a Star Schema?
• Building Facts and Dimensions
• Understanding Relationships
• Role-Playing tables
• Calculation Groups

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