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Announcing Azure SQL Studio is Now Azure Data Studio

Announcing Azure SQL Studio is Now Azure Data Studio

Announcing Azure SQL Studio is Now Azure Data Studio (1)I’d like to share some news that came out of Ignite 2018 and that is that Azure SQL Studio has been changed to Azure Data Studio. The core concept here is to have a development tool that gives you a common framework for working with all your data, not just SQL data but Cosmos DB among others.

This gives you a tool that can run where you work, whether that’s on MAC, Linux or PC. This is great news! Plus, it loads and runs super-fast, is very lightweight and performance is awesome.

Some tools we’ve had over the years like Management Studio, Visual Studio, SSDT or other blends can be pretty heavy or sometimes didn’t load or have issues. Azure Data Studio gives you charts that pop up, new editing, sorting and exploring capability, as well as all sorts of development functionality that really isn’t available in Management Studio.

Also, there are tons of plug ins available from third party providers like SentryOne, Redgate and other ISVs out there. These providers make plug ins that bring in their query development enhancement tools, things such as code testing, that you just can’t get to plug into the legacy tools.

There are some exciting things happening in this new platform. I believe it’s a preview into Microsoft’s vision for developing in the data world and where the Microsoft data platform is going.

I highly suggest you go and look up Azure Data Solution, get signed up for the preview and check it out. I’ll think you’ll be as excited as I am to see where some of these things are going, especially for those not developing on Windows and if you’ve been looking for something to more appropriately manage your Microsoft data platform assets.

Have questions or want to learn more about Azure Data Solution or anything Azure related? You’re in the right place. Click the link below or contact us – our Azure experts are here to help you every step of the way and get you started with everything that Azure brings to the table for your business.

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