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Basics of DAX in Power BI

Basics of DAX in Power BI

with Mike DavisAre you just starting out with Power BI or new to DAX? If your answer to either of these is yes, then our recent webinar with consultant, Mike Davis, is one you’ll want to watch.

In this free one-hour session, Mike covers what DAX is and why you should use it. One key reason is that this Data Analysis Expression (DAX) language leverages knowledge you may already have with Excel expressions. The session begins with discussion on creating calculated columns and using string and logical functions.  

From there he’ll get into understanding DAX basics, like conditional logic and nested ‘ifs’, as well as navigation functions and creating calculated tables and calculated measures. All these and more topics are followed by demos throughout the session.

Mike covers questions such as: What is the calculate function and how do you use it? When should you write M Query instead of DAX? Why do I need a date dimension table? Several common DAX formulas will be shown as well.

This is a great webinar to get you started with using DAX in Power BI. Click here to watch the full webinar. To view the slides from the presentation, click here.

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