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Data Storyelling in Power BI and Informational Leadership

Data Storyelling in Power BI and Informational Leadership

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Do you want to learn how using leadership skills can help you explore practical tips to turn data into information that your report consumers love to see? In a recent webinar with BI Consultant and Trainer, Erin Ostrowsky, she explores data storytelling from an information leadership perspective.

This webinar takes a look at leadership styles, and talks about informational leadership which is an approach that uses data to drive the mission, vision, and values of daily work.

Erin spends some time on self-assessment with a link to a quiz on your leadership style: https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/leadership-style-quiz.htm. This presentation will have you looking at yourself or others as leaders and answering questions like:

  • Are you more of a visionary leader or an integrator style leader?
  • Are you more ‘big picture’ or do you tend to dive into the details of day to day?
  • A key question to focus on is, what does the success of your team/project/ mission need from you?
  • Where are your strengths and your gaps?

The second half of this webinar will focus on where Power BI and data storytelling fit in. To put it simply, business intelligence leadership + Power BI equals a bridge between business and technology. And more importantly, why is data storytelling important?

Erin will answer this question, as well as teach you the 3 key elements on data storytelling and guidelines to follow such as the 5-second rule, symmetry vs balance, top left to right flow and how colors matter. You’ll come away knowing how to take data and create reports that your users will love.

So, if you’d like to learn about Power BI data storytelling from a different perspective, this webinar is for you. Watch the complete webinar below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here.


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