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How Do Companies' Teams Want to Model Their Own Development?

How Do Companies' Teams Want to Model Their Own Development?

How Do Companies' Teams Want to Model Their Own Development_Times are changing, and quickly, especially with technology and the cloud.  With these fast-moving times, it’s imperative that your career development keeps up. We recently did a poll of about 200 of our customers CIOs and one question I found interesting was about how they want their teams to model their own career development, especially when it comes to the cloud.

One thing that really struck me was that their responses echoed the feedback we’ve been using with our team for quite some time:

#1 Model Adaptability – For example, you may be more of a DBA type role today, but you may need to pick up some infrastructure capability to do that in the cloud. Or you may need to learn some data engineering to move data between Spark and other big data distributed type platforms you’re not used to. Simply put, picking up things outside of your “role” is the new norm. Silos are breaking down and the way we use data no longer fits into neat little boxes. Modern data architecture needs people that can work across that landscape.

#2 – Own Your Own Career Advancement – CIOs and corporate leaders can’t keep up with what you need to know and guide you every step of the way. You need to be out there looking at what’s new and how these new patterns fit together. Microsoft does a great job of releasing patterns as they develop in the market. And if they haven’t released a pattern, you can be sure that they are getting info from customers about a variety of different ways to use that service or product and there’s pattern information coming.

Microsoft wants to provide as much clarity and guidance as possible, so teams like the Customer Advisory Team spend a lot of time working with the biggest Azure customers to understand their workloads and help pass along best practices so everyone across the globe can use them.

It’s up to you to understand what new technologies, skills and capabilities you should learn, and if you model that adaptability, your career has no limits. When you understand and have a specific target you want to hit, that’s the time to go ask your company for help, whether it be with money for training or a few days off to attend a conference.

You need to own the direction of your development and your targets – and that must be focused around adaptability – learn something new instead of just going deeper into what you already know.

Our team is constantly learning new things and doing new and exciting things for customers. If you’re interested in planning your development to keep up with the cloud and make your career adaptable to these fast-moving times, our training is a great place to start. Visit our website or contact us to find out more about our free weekly webinars, our virtual workshops, boot camps or our On-Demand Training platform—we have all the training you need.

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