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How to Control Costs and Chargebacks in Azure

How to Control Costs and Chargebacks in Azure

free_training_bannerChris.S-1Are you looking to control costs and chargebacks in Azure? If you’re like most, this can be a challenge. In a recent webinar, Chris Seferlis, discusses the keys to successful cost management, including planning, licensing plans and planning tools available.

Historically, there are many cost overrun stories and Microsoft noticed the need to help customers out and created Azure Cost Management which has evolved and expanded and cut down some of the fear of moving to the cloud.

This webinar will dive into how to plan your cost management strategy like focusing on the key groups, finance, management and dev teams, that are going to interact with that Azure environment. Also considering what workloads are going to be deployed and who is ultimately responsible.

He also reviews plans and licensing options such as enterprise agreements and pay as you go plans, as well as planning tools available like Azure Pricing Calculator, Azure Migrate and Azure Database Migration Service (including links to learn more about these options and tools).

The main focus of this presentation is Microsoft’s keys to successful cost management and the continuous cost management process of visibility, accountability and optimization. Chris digs into each of these key areas, as well as budgeting to plan and drive cost management, including a demo for setting up a budget. Also discussed is using Azure Monitor to keep a bird’s eye view into your environment.

So, if you’re looking to improve your cost management and solve some of your challenges, this webinar is for you. If you’d like to view Chris’ presentation slides, click here.

And if you need help implementing cost management or any Azure product or service, our consulting offerings can help. Our consulting services, from cloud migration and infrastructure, analytics, machine learning and AI to our managed services offerings, let you take advantage of our team of experts to help take your business from good to great.  

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