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Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio

Introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio

Free-TrainingData and data analytics are the keys to any business. Machine Learning is a hot topic today and more and more businesses are implementing this method of data analysis that automates analytical model building.

Azure Machine Learning Studio is a great tool that’s used to create models from your datasets. In a recent webinar, hosted by Training Content Manager, Manuel Quintana, he gave an introduction to Azure Machine Learning Studio and how it is used to create a predictive model.

In this webinar he briefly discusses the principles of Data Science, the idea of extracting knowledge from data, as well as the key terms around Data Science, like statistics, descriptive and predictive analytics and models. He’ll discuss model types in Azure ML and even touch upon the cost of the Azure ML Service and how to take advantage of free workspace available to you with a Microsoft account.

This majority of this hour-long webinar consists of a demo which uses publicly available datasets to create a predictive experiment. The demo will cover the 6 steps to Machine Learning:

  • Get the Data
  • Clean the Data
  • Transform the Data
  • Model the Data
  • Score and Evaluate the Model
  • Deploy the Model

And of course, how to leverage that model through an API and get it into the hands of the people that need that information.

This webinar is a great way to get a deeper look at Azure Machine Learning Studio and a walk through of creating a predictive model. Click here to watch the complete webinar below. To view Manuel’s slides from the webinar, click here.

If data, analytics and machine learning are the key to your business, you need to learn how to put these pieces together to make data driven decisions for your organization.

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