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Introduction to Power BI for Educators: Custom Visuals

Introduction to Power BI for Educators: Custom Visuals

In the third installment of Pragmatic Works' series "Power Platform for Educators," Matt Peterson provides an informative guide on utilizing Power BI to foster competition in educational settings. Whether you are new to Power BI or seeking innovative teaching methods, this episode offers valuable insights into creating interactive and competitive classroom environments.


Overview of the Episode

  • Host Introduction: Matt Peterson, a seasoned expert from Pragmatic Works, introduces the series aimed at educators interested in using Power BI.
  • Subscription Promotion: Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to the channel and visit the website for a discount on learning subscriptions, providing access to extensive courses.

Power BI for Classroom Competition

  • Concept Introduction: The focus is on a unique method dubbed "Peterson Pesos" to introduce competition among students through data visualization.
  • Tool Requirement: Peterson outlines the essentials of using Power BI Desktop and the initial steps to set up the project using Excel data.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Power BI

  1. Data Preparation:
    • Prepare an Excel file with student names and their corresponding 'pesos'.
    • Close the Excel file to ensure it is ready to be used in Power BI.
  2. Data Importation:
    • Utilize the 'Get Data' feature in Power BI to connect to the Excel workbook.
    • Select the appropriate sheet and preview the data before loading.
  3. Data Transformation:
    • Adjust and filter data using the Power Query Editor to meet the report’s requirements.
  4. Visualization Development:
    • Create a basic column chart with students on the x-axis and pesos on the y-axis.
    • Introduce an engaging custom visual called the Enlightened Aquarium where each student's progress is represented by a fish, the size of which reflects the number of pesos earned.

Educational Benefits and Creative Visualization

  • Engagement and Interactivity: The Enlightened Aquarium visual serves as a fun and interactive way to engage students by visually representing their achievements.
  • Customization and Exploration: Educators are encouraged to explore and customize other visuals in Power BI to enhance the learning experience.

Conclusion and Call to Action

  • Encouragement to Use Power BI: Matt emphasizes that Power BI is a free tool that educators can leverage to make learning more dynamic and visually stimulating.
  • Invitation for Further Learning: Viewers are encouraged to explore more resources and learning opportunities offered by Pragmatic Works to fully utilize Power BI in educational contexts.

Final Thoughts

Matt Peterson wraps up the video by inviting educators to follow the series for more insightful ways to integrate Power BI into teaching, thereby making classrooms more engaging and education more visually interactive. His approach not only simplifies data analysis but also makes learning a fun and competitive activity through creative data visualization techniques.

Don't forget to check out the Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform for more insightful content and training sessions on Power BI and other Microsoft applications. Be sure to subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks.

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