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It's Just SQL Server on Azure, Right?

It's Just SQL Server on Azure, Right?


Do you want to learn how to integrate SQL Server in Azure? In a recent webinar, Steve Hughes, Director of Consulting at Pragmatic Works, shows how what you choose impacts security, capability, performance, and costs. The cloud is a moving target, this webinar will give you an understanding of your SQL Server options on Azure.

There are some things you should know about moving SQL Server to Azure such as that moving changes your model for data and will give you more flexibility in the future. Does moving to Azure eliminate a DBA’s job? Absolutely not, although it does change a DBAs role a bit. When you build new applications or solutions, they should be built cloud ready and it’s important to pay attention to details.

The webinar will focus on three Azure SQL Server Targets: Managed Instance, Single Database and SQL Server on Azure VMs. Typically, your best options as you move forward are Managed Instances and VMs.

There are many considerations when moving SQL Server to Azure and it is dependent on your situation. But here, Steve will focus on what he feels are the top considerations:

  • Operational Ease – Patches and updates applied by Microsoft, automated backups and disaster recovery
  • Secure Environment – Compliance, Azure Active Directory vs SQL Logins, PaaS
  • Functional Equivalence – He’ll do a key comparison of Single Database, Managed Instance and SQL on VM
  • Migration Options – Easy migration with tools like Azure Data Migration Assistant and Azure Data Migration Service

He also will review how these three choices compare on pricing. We recommend moving to SQL Server Database with Managed Instances as the overall best solution. It provides the best functional equivalence and operational ease for the price in most cases. But the bottom line is every customer should evaluate the best choice for their environment and requirements.

This webinar will help you with that evaluation; watch the complete webinar below. To view the presentation slides, click here. If you’d like help with choosing the best option for your environment, we can do that. Our consulting offerings can help with your migration plans from the planning stage through implementation.

Click the link below or contact us – we’re here to help on your Azure journey and to take your business from good to great!

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