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Importance of Providing Staffing Post Placement Support

Importance of Providing Staffing Post Placement Support

StaffingBannerText.pngIn an earlier blog post, we discussed how hard it is to find the right candidate for placement for data and IT roles. Once a person is placed within your team, how do you know that person will receive the support they need from the company or agency that placed them? Many agencies will place a person and then they are on their own.

This is not the case at Pragmatic Works. We not only take the job of placing the best candidate possible in your organization seriously, but also in providing that consultant with a support team. When we place a consultant in your organization, you can be assured that you’re not just getting that one consultant, but a whole team assisting them.

Pragmatic Works is staffed with Architects, MVPs and published authors in the field that have a wealth of knowledge to back our consultants and your team. Through tools like Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams, we keep the lines of communication flowing even at the most remote job sites.

Let Pragmatic Works staff your short or long term roles in BI, Advanced Analytics, Data Platform and Cloud Services.  Rest easy knowing that we will find the perfect person for your organization and that person is backed by our knowledgeable team throughout the whole process.

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