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Power Apps: Display Forms and Last Submit

Power Apps: Display Forms and Last Submit

Just about every Canvas application that gets created uses a form of some kind.  There are two types of forms to leverage in your application.  An edit form is used in an application if you want to edit an existing record or if you want to create a new record.  One of the benefits of forms is the code used to submit the new data or data changes is fairly simple with a basic SubmitForm function.  One of the drawbacks to forms is that they are fairly rigid in design, so you do not get as much flexibility for moving your data entry points around on the screen.  If you want full design control you may stay away from forms and use controls attached to a Patch function.  I’ll be making a video on how to accomplish that later in my series.

In this video, I discuss how to use the other form you have available which is the display form.  A display form is used to show values for a selected record from your data source.  There are a few use case scenarios of why you might want to use a display form.  In this video, I tackle the issue of using a display form to show the user the record they just created.  The user can then decide if the record they created is what they intended or if they see a mistake they can then go back and edit the record immediately.  To put this practice in play a few form functions will be used like LastSubmit, EditForm, NewForm, and more.  There are some potential pitfalls with this setup that I address in the video here

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