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Power BI Dataflows - Bring Your Own Data Lake

Power BI Dataflows - Bring Your Own Data Lake

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Do you want to learn how to relate Azure Data Lake to Power BI Data Flows? In a recent webinar, Consultant Michelle Browning shows how to use existing Common Data Model (CDM) folders in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 to create Power BI Dataflows and combine the power of Azure tools with Power BI. This presentation does not teach the basics of dataflows, instead it digs a bit deeper into the set up and configuration of bringing your own data lake to the Power BI dataflows party.

The webinar starts by going over the requirements for Power BI which is a paid license (Pro or Premium); a premium license is required to do computations on the data within the dataflow storage, known as Computed Entities. The Azure requirements are also reviewed including an important caveat for this process to work correctly.

Next, Michelle digs into the Azure set up for Power BI access and the Power BI setup for using your Azure Data Lake, noting any ‘gotchas’ you should be aware of. Lastly, before spending the remainder of the webinar in a demo, she’ll discuss making the connection with CDM (Common Data Model) folders, the Microsoft standard for metadata. You’ll find more in-depth documentation on this on the Microsoft website: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/common-data-model/.

If you’re looking to learn how to relate Azure Data Lake to Power BI Data Flows and see the demo, this webinar is for you. You can watch the complete webinar below. To view the presenter’s slides, click here.

Need help integrating Power BI dataflows, Power BI itself or migrating to Azure to take advantage of all the cloud has to offer, we can help. Our consultants are experts in all things Power BI and Azure and can show you how to use your data to grow your business. Let’s work together to take your business from good to great. Contact us to start a conversation or click the link below to learn more.

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