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Power BI Governance Strategies

Power BI Governance Strategies


Are you a company struggling to keep up with who is accessing your environment, what reports are being created, and how many licenses are needed within Power BI? Is the lack of data governance preventing your organization from reaching its fullest potential?

In a recent webinar, Chris Seferlis explains why having a proper data governance plan is vital and how you can implement the plan into your Power BI environment. When we talk about data governance it’s a data management concept that looks at your organization’s focus on keys areas such as: availability, usability, consistency, data integrity and data security and the processes you have that ensure this data governance.

This webinar starts with discussing what data quality means in general and to your organization, plus other considerations about data usability, consistency and integrity which usually gets taken care of in the ETL process but in the new world of Power BI, how do we define that ETL process?

And of course, at the top of most everyone’s list is data security. This webinar will spend time on how to use the best processes to have a strong data governance plan for your organization. Chris discusses things like:

  • Approaches to Data Prep
  • Deployment Approaches: Top-down, Bottom-up and Blended approaches
  • Each phase of delivery: Current State Assessment, Prototyping, Publishing and Monitoring, Support and Scalability

The remainder of the webinar discusses how this will all look in your environment once you’re harnessing the power of Power BI, including the break down of all the areas that require management – total support requires the collaboration of many different teams and resources. 

Be sure to watch the complete webinar here and if you’d like to view the presenter’s slides, click here.

If you’re maxing out your bandwidth dealing with Power BI security management compliance and end user support, our Power BI Managed Services can help. Our fully managed services centralize the management and architectural support, removing the burden, so you can focus on growing your business. Click below to learn more!

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