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Power BI - The Foundations of M

Power BI - The Foundations of M


We get it, some people are afraid of the M language in Power BI. If this is you and you’d like to learn more about M, then this webinar is for you! In a recent webinar, Daniel Stratiff, takes a behind the scenes look at the Power Query Editor and the foundations of M code that is used to transform and clean your data.

Many people are scared or put off by M when they see it in the advanced query editor or the formula bar in query editor. Excel users feel more comfortable with DAX, but M is also pretty easy to read and understand. In his presentation Daniel breaks down the barriers of using this transformation and cleansing language so you’ll feel more confident and comfortable using it.

This webinar is for more advanced Power BI users, but does not contain expert M tips but more the basics of understanding it, reading it, understanding some of the functions like the shared function and how you can use those functions and take better advantage of the advanced query editor using M.

Daniel will start off with what is M query and using M query formulas, as well as why to use M query for data transformations like pivot/unpivot, removing unwanted characters and splitting columns. He then delves into M query fundamentals: where to write M, M query results and tips, as well looking at M code.

The remainder of the time is spent on a demo of using M. So have no fear, get in there a play around with it a bit and learn to leveraging the power of M. Watch the complete webinar below and to view the slides from the presentation, click here.



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