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Power Apps: Advanced Filtering and Delegation Warnings

Power Apps: Advanced Filtering and Delegation Warnings

In my last blog and video, I demonstrated how you can filter the records showing in a gallery using a drop-down control that references a column in your data source to bring back just the distinct values.  See the video below.

This week, I wanted to take the filtering to a slightly more advanced level.  In this video, I demonstrate how to filter your gallery based not just on one dropdown, but two drop-down controls. Also, I had some viewers email me asking if it was possible to not have the drop downs filled out with a default value to begin, but instead be a blank selection.  There is a way to access a specific property on the drop-down control to fix this issue.

Finally, towards the end of this week’s video, I showcase how to limit users of your app only to see records that they have either created or been assigned to.  While a fairly simple process to accomplish, a delegation warning may appear in your solution.  What is a delegation warning you ask?  A delegation warning means that your data source cannot execute the command you have programmed into the Power App and your Power App has to do all the heavy lifting.  There do come limitations with how much heavy lifting your Power App will do, specifically, it will only do the work on the first 2000 records.  I conclude this video by giving you a “work around” for this exact delegation warning.


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