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Search & Filter with Canvas Apps

Search & Filter with Canvas Apps


Matt Peterson  is here to guide you through an essential skill in canvas app development. In this blog post, he'll show you how to empower your users to seamlessly search and filter data using Canvas Apps.

Setting the Stage:

  • Matt introduces the challenge of enabling users to search and filter data in a Canvas App.
  • Emphasizes the need for Power FX language and user-friendly controls for effective implementation.

Creating a Gender Filter:

Matt walks through the process of setting up a drop-down control for gender filtering:

  •  Inserts a drop-down control named "DRP gender."
  • Explains the default data issue and resolves it using the Power FX language's "distinct" formula.
  • Addresses the challenge of allowing users to see all records by default, not just filtered results.

Fine-Tuning the Drop-Down Control:

Matt navigates through advanced settings to refine the drop-down control:

  • Modifies the default setting to eliminate the first record selection.
  • Enables empty selection in the drop-down control.
  • Allows users to reset the control, ensuring flexibility in viewing data.

Implementing Filter Criteria:

Matt delves into applying filter criteria in the gallery:

  • Demonstrates using the "filter" command in the gallery's items property.
  • Links the filter to the gender column and the selected value from the drop-down control.

Adding Reset Functionality:

Matt guides users through adding a reset icon for enhanced user experience:

  • Introduces the reset icon and strategically positions it near the drop-down control.
  • Utilizes visibility settings to display the icon only when a selection is made.
  • Implements a dynamic color scheme for the icon to blend with the drop-down control.
  • Explains the logical statement using "is blank" and the reset action upon icon selection.

Completing the Filter Setup:

Matt addresses the final steps in refining the filter functionality:

  • Ensures that selecting the reset icon returns the control to its default state.
  • Explores the option to display all values when no selection is made in the drop-down.


In this comprehensive guide, Matt Peterson equips you with the knowledge to implement robust search and filter functionalities in Canvas Apps. By following his step-by-step instructions, you'll empower users to interact seamlessly with data, providing a richer and more intuitive user experience. Stay tuned for more insights from Matt and Pragmatic Works on our YouTube channel to elevate your app development skills.

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