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Rethink How You Approach Staff Augmentation

Rethink How You Approach Staff Augmentation

3336828.jpgGood help is hard to find. The old adage still rings true today.

Business literally moves at the speed of light these days. That’s a good thing, right? Well yes! However, IT teams are being asked to do more than ever to support the business in keeping up with the competition.

Project backlogs are becoming lengthier. Existing IT teams are working longer hours. Coffee is being consumed at unsustainable rate. There just never seems to be enough manpower with the needed skills to keep up with the demand.

This is not a new problem. Companies have been struggling for years with this and have turned to internal recruiting and IT recruiting agencies to help fill positions. And business must good, because there are thousands of IT recruiting shops thriving. In fact, according to Staffingindustry.com, “we believe the IT staffing market will reach a record scale of $28.9 billion (in 2016).” That’s Billion, with a B!

There’s a couple fundamental issues with this:

1. Most IT recruiters rely on standardized tests to “pass” candidates and recommend to clients. I know plenty of (very good) people who are “book smart” but can’t cut it in the real world. This model of screening is flawed. The time and monetary investments you are making in these candidates are too great to rely on standardized tests.

2. Once you on-board a resource via a recruiter, they’re all yours! The recruiting agency doesn’t have on staff expertise to lend assistance and/or training as they become integrated into your team. What happens if the resource is struggling with project tasks in the first few weeks? The process is started all over again, and you lose invaluable time!

Pragmatic Works takes a different approach to assisting our customers with their staffing needs:

- Through our strategic partnerships, we’re able to quickly find top, local talent with distinct skillsets.

- Our Services Team Lead personally “techs out” each candidate to verify real-world technology, leadership and communication skills.

- All resources are backed and supported by our entire consulting organization infrastructure.

- Each resource receives Pragmatic Works complete library of On-Demand Training courses to hone their skills before and during their time with the client.

Recently, one of our top clients (jewelry retailer) called this approach a “no-brainer,” and was so pleased with the resource they’ve renewed the contract 3 times!

Let Pragmatic Works do the heavy lifting for you, and have peace of mind knowing you made the right choice. Please complete the form below to learn how we can assist your company with your staffing needs:

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