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The Biggest Challenge in Hiring DBAs, BI Developers and Analysts - Too Many Resumes!

The Biggest Challenge in Hiring DBAs, BI Developers and Analysts - Too Many Resumes!


Career opportunities for DBA, Data Architects, BI Developers and Analysts are in high demand. Candidates with these skills are the most sought after in IT today. However, according to DICE.COM these roles are overwhelming employers with a large supply of candidates. Usually a balance like this brings harmony, but not if you’re the person responsible for the hiring. Finding the needle in the haystack that fits your technical, cultural and best practice needs can be mission impossible, with major consequences to your projects.

Pragmatic Works' Staffing can solve this problem by personally and technically validating your resource. Interviews of candidates are conducted by SQL Server MVPs and Sr. Consultants to identify technical weaknesses on the spot. They ensure that candidates have the skills and experience in the tools necessary for these positions, such as SQL Server, Data Warehousing, SSIS and SSAS.

We also ensure that candidates utilize best practices within their skillsets. We all know that staying updated on best practices of this ever-changing technology is a key factor in data roles. Our interviewers understand our clients' cultural, technological and best practice needs, therefore allowing us to gauge how candidates will work with your team. In fact, in our interview process, only 1 in 10 candidates will make the cut.

So, if you’re looking for the right person for your team, let us take on the overwhelming chore of reviewing all those resumes. Pragmatic Works and our highly credible staffing process will ensure that you hire the right person for your team.

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