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The Next Generation of Training - On-Demand

The Next Generation of Training - On-Demand

Over the last five years, training and education have seen businessman hand working with modern technology and digital layer effect as business strategy concept-2drastic changes in how course material is delivered. Many students simply cannot attend a training class that has a set start and end time and/or eats up twenty to thirty hours of their week.

The reality for many of us is that work comes first, and it is impossible to be completely disconnected from our regular nine to five job to attend a training class.

In addition, keeping up with technology training has never been more difficult with the frequency that technology changes. So, what do you do? Do you send your team to train repeatedly and hope that work emergencies don’t constantly pull them away from an instructor led class?

The answer is self-paced, digital training. You attend training when it suits you and not when a company schedules it, as well as being able to learn anywhere, and on any device.

There are many companies that provide this type of training and some are even available for free. How do you know which to pick? How do you know that the company you choose will have what you need and keep their training updated? What if you really need to talk to someone with questions you have about the class or how to implement it in your organization?

It’s important to find a training company and courses that work best with your needs and schedule—we are that company. Pragmatic Works training takes pride in covering all these bases.

Our On-Demand Training offers over 40 deep dive courses, covering Azure, Power BI, Data Science and more, taught by industry experts that are taken at your pace, on any device. All our courses are consistently updated to keep up with ever-changing technology. We also offer free weekly webinars and virtual workships that you can attend from anywhere.

Not sure where to begin to reach your training goals, or the goals of your team? We have a Learning Path feature where a Learning Advisor, who is an industry expert, will create a custom learning path to suit your goals or the goals of your team, so you’ll know what courses to take and in what order, as well as any certifications necessary.

With our training, you’ll also be assigned a Learning Coach. Your coach will keep you on track via text, email or phone calls in case you falter and will encourage and celebrate your successes along the way.

Our digital On-Demand Training, with the benefits of the Learning Path and Learning Coach features, makes it easy to ensure your learning goals are a success and can be done when, where and how you want.  

Visit our website, www.pragmaticworks.com, to learn more about our On-Demand Training platform and to sign up for a free trial. Or email us at learning@pragmaticworks.com to speak to one of our Learning Advisors. Digital training is the way to go and Pragmatic Works training is the one to choose.

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