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Top 10 Power BI Enterprise Challenges

Top 10 Power BI Enterprise Challenges

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We get it, we all love Power BI, but, as with most things, there are challenges that enterprises face with this incredible and powerful tool. In a recent webinar, Bob Rubocki, delves into the top 10 Power BI challenges many enterprises face.

If you’re just starting out with Power BI, you can use this list as areas you should consider when rolling out Power BI in your organization and for some guidance based on similar organizations’ experiences. If you’re already using Power BI, you can check your experience against this list and if things on the list are hitting home, then you know you’re not alone with your focus on those challenges.

There will be some tips on addressing the challenges discussed but the focus here is to point out challenges to be aware of and to put some extra time and thought into whether you’re new to Power BI or already on board with it. These common challenges range from team readiness to security, licensing and compliance and more (10 in all).

So, check out this webinar to learn about these challenges enterprises face with Power BI. To view Bob’s slides from the webinar, click here. And if you’re looking for help with any of these challenges, we’re here for you. Our consulting offerings, including managed services, can help you with any Power BI challenge and with any phase of implementation.

Our Power BI Managed Services can handle things that are problematic and tend to roadblock adoptions and scale of your Power BI investment, so you can focus on growing your business. Pragmatic Works takes the burden off you to centralize the management and architectural support, as well as gain confidence insight for security and compliance.

Our knowledge and expertise can help you overcome any of the challenges discussed in this webinar. Contact us or click the link below to learn how.

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