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Transforming Into a Cloud Business

Transforming Into a Cloud Business


Talk of the cloud is everywhere and businesses are moving to the cloud at a rapid pace. Cloud technologies require us to revisit how we are doing business today as far as trust, availability and control. It’s critical to understand how the cloud changes your company, and Pragmatic Works can help you achieve that.

With this newfound cloud understanding, Pragmatic Works knew we needed to move from primarily an on-premises solution company to a cloud solution company. While not everyone is a consulting company, our journey is representative of many businesses today. We had to handle staffing updates, new and varied technology, and partner influences along the way.

In a recent webinar, our Directory of Consulting, Steve Hughes, offered an inside look at some of the key aspects of our transition, and what your company may be able to learn from it. A year ago, we were just starting the journey with less than 25% of our business focused on cloud. Now we are one of the top Azure delivery partners in the world.

In becoming a cloud company, we didn’t abandon our past, we just changed our focus. We transformed our company in many ways. We retooled the people in our company with a focus on Azure training, educating them on the future of both technology and our company. We also transformed our sales and marketing internally by embracing the cloud and Azure for our internal solutions.

Cloud is the future – what will you do to transform your company in the cloud? This webinar tells our story but also tells you why you should consider a move to Azure. Learn from our experience and let it help you modernize your business and take advantage of Azure for your cloud platform.

Watch the complete webinar below.  You can also click here if you’d like to view Steve’s slides from the presentation. If you’re looking to modernize your business and plan for the future, we’ve been there and helped many of our over 7,000 customers get there as well.

If you’re looking for more training to prepare yourself or your team for the future, we offer free one-hour webinars every Tuesday at 11AM EST and our On-Demand Training, with 40+ courses in Business Intelligence, Analytics, Power BI, Big Data and Azure is the best in the business. Get your free trial today!

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