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Unlocking Paginated Reports: Lakehouse Tables in PowerBI Report Builder

Unlocking Paginated Reports: Lakehouse Tables in PowerBI Report Builder

In a recent video, Austin Libal, a seasoned trainer at Pragmatic Works specializing in Microsoft Fabric and PowerBI, demonstrated two powerful methods to connect to Lakehouse tables within the PowerBI Report Builder tool. This tool is instrumental for creating paginated reports with a Pixel Perfect capability, allowing users to precisely format their reports for print or PDF distribution.


Method 1: Connecting through PowerBI Data Set

  1. Data Source Creation:
    • Austin initiates the process within the PowerBI service workspace.
    • Demonstrates how to create a new data source by right-clicking in the report data pane.
    • Alternatively, shows the option to add a connection to a PowerBI data set.
  2. Selecting Workspace and Data Set:
    • Austin selects the desired workspace (Learn with the Nerds) and the Adventure Works data set.
    • This approach provides a seamless connection to the PowerBI data set, enabling subsequent report creation.
  3. Query Design with Dax:
    • Entering the query designer, Austin explores the graphical user interface for creating Dax queries.
    • Discusses the flexibility of leveraging measures, KPI indicators, and various columns for data selection.
    • Acknowledges that Dax may not be everyone's preferred language but offers courses for deeper understanding.

Method 2: Connecting through SQL Endpoint

  1. Acquiring SQL Endpoint:
    • Austin emphasizes the need for a SQL endpoint from the Fabric Lakehouse.
    • Guides users on obtaining the SQL connection string from the settings.
  2. Traditional Data Source Addition:
    • Demonstrates the creation of a more traditional data source within PowerBI Report Builder.
    • Names the data source (Adventure Works Lake Database) and selects Microsoft Azure SQL Database as the connection type.
  3. Building Connection String:
    • Utilizes the build connection string option, pasting the SQL endpoint for logical connection.
    • Chooses Azure Active Directory authentication for security.
  4. Query Design with SQL:
    • Creates a new data set using the SQL data source.
    • Shifts from Dax to SQL, showcasing the ability to run SQL queries and select specific tables (e.g., dim date).

Enhancing Paginated Reports: Tips and Resources

  1. Dax vs. SQL:
    • Austin acknowledges the preference for SQL over Dax for certain users.
    • Encourages exploration of both languages and highlights Pragmatic Works' courses for in-depth learning.
  2. Paginated Boot Camps:
    • Recommends Pragmatic Works' Paginated Boot Camps for a comprehensive understanding of paginated reports.
    • Emphasizes the intensive 3-day course covering the nuances between interactive PowerBI desktop reports and paginated reports.
  3. Virtual Mentoring Sessions:
    • Offers assistance through virtual mentoring sessions for users seeking personalized guidance.
    • Highlights the expertise of the Pragmatic Works team in addressing specific scenarios and transforming Excel files into paginated reports.

Austin's tutorial sheds light on the versatility of PowerBI Report Builder in connecting to Lakehouse tables. By demonstrating two distinct methods, users can choose between Dax and SQL based on their comfort and expertise. This newfound capability opens doors for more individuals to author paginated reports, bridging the gap between interactive PowerBI reports and print-ready documents.

Whether through comprehensive courses or personalized mentoring, Pragmatic Works aims to empower users in harnessing the full potential of paginated reports. Don't forget to check out the Pragmatic Works' on-demand learning platform for more insightful content and training sessions on Microsoft Fabric, Lakehouse, Power BI and other Microsoft applications. Be sure to subscribe to the Pragmatic Works YouTube Channel to stay updated on the latest Microsoft tips and tricks.

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