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Using Power Query Builder to Connect D365 and CDS Data To Power BI

Using Power Query Builder to Connect D365 and CDS Data To Power BI


Do you want to learn how to connect Dynamics 365 and other Common Data Services to Power BI? In a recent webinar with consultant Sharon Woloshin, you’ll learn quick and easy steps for connecting Dynamics 365 data and any other Common Data Services (CDS) data to Power BI for the development of custom reporting.

The webinar begins with an easy way to make a great report connection from Dynamics 365 or CDS into Power BI in minutes. Then the presentation takes a deeper dive into why you should use a tool called Power Query Builder and how to get the XRM Toolbox which is where you’ll find Power Query Builder.

From here, Sharon will jump into creating the connection into your data, as well as creating Service URL and data queries. She’ll go over the three ways to connect Power BI to D365 and CDS, plus a fourth connection method that is currently in preview.

The presentation will wrap up with some best practices such as starting with the end in mind and working on your M skills so you can edit in the Advanced Editor.

This is a demo-heavy presentation, so you’ll want to watch the complete webinar below if you’re interested in learning about Power Query Builder and connecting D365 and CDS data to Power BI. You can view the presenter’s slide by clicking here.

If you need help with Power BI, Dynamics 365, or Common Data Services, we’re here to help. We’re all about data and using it to gain valuable insights for your organization. With our consulting and remote services offerings, we’ll create fully customized solutions based on your needs that will  help you grow your business with data.

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