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What Jobs Are Being Lost to the Cloud?

What Jobs Are Being Lost to the Cloud?


Are you or your team feeling threatened by the cloud? Although not heard as much as in the past, it’s often in the news that the cloud is taking all our jobs. I do not agree. Here at Pragmatic Works, we have an amazing team of data professionals and technology experts who are not in the least bit threatened by the cloud.

Instead, our team is excited about this new evolution of technology and what it brings. Hopefully your business is thinking about how the cloud matters to your strategy, rather than feeling threatened. In the ever-changing world of technology, we all need to constantly keep up with what’s happening.

No one is going to lose their job because the cloud exists, but some roles need to have a bit more flexibility, adaptation or some re-tooling. Specialty server or data center administrators, for instance, should be paying attention and thinking about what the cloud provides, which is really a utility-type service.

In the cloud, we can begin to focus less on our own data centers and infrastructure, and more on managing and deploying that infrastructure in a cloud (whether it be public, private or hybrid). For the folks in charge of your current data center, server or exchange environment, that means a different set of skills.

What I encourage people to think about is: How are things different in the cloud? How can it help my role or organization? Broaden your knowledge with several solutions and how some of these new technologies work. It’s imperative to become a well-rounded data pro moving forward.

Don’t feel threatened by the cloud, embrace these new and exciting times. If you’re interested in learning more about what this roadmap looks like and how to broaden your knowledge and skills in the cloud, we’ve got all the info you need. Click the link below—we’d be glad to help.

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