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Who Wore it Best Jersey Edition!

Is your team ready for spring - and beyond? The Pragmatic Works team is a group of dedicated and passionate SQL Server and BI professionals on a mission to help developers and DBAs operate more efficiently through our innovative products, solutions and training for data platforms. We work with your team to help gain value from the enhanced BI development, documentation and automated data validation capabilities that are realized by using the Pragmatic Workbench.

We’ve been hit hard lately with winter weather in NH, so this week at Pragmatic Works we embrace the unseasonable warm weather and with another spring-like day upon us in New England, the sales gang celebrated with Athletic Jersey Day! Shame on anyone not representing the home teams – that means you Connor (Griffey Jr.)!


IMG_2235.jpgSo, let our dedicated team help your team with your data needs and stay tuned for the next theme day as we look to continue willing the great weather our way!

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