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Virtual Power BI Bootcamp

  • Start: Apr 08, 2024 9:00 AM EDT
  • End: Apr 11, 2024 5:00 PM EDT
  • Cost: $1,995.00
  • Instructor: Allison Gonzalez
  • Event Categories: ,
  • Avaliable Seats: Limited seats remaining!
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Event description

Creating Business Intelligence solutions no longer has to be a long, arduous process reserved exclusively for those in IT. Power BI now gives you the ability to build beautifully designed reports and dashboards on your own, giving you instant satisfaction to your data needs. This course will take a deep dive into the Power BI ecosystem, where you will learn from beginning to end how to develop solutions and solve complex business problems. This begins by importing and applying business rules to your data. Then organize the results into a data model with relationships and calculations. Finally, you will learn the best way to visualize your data on reports through a variety of charts, graphs, maps, and gauges. Once complete, learn how to deploy solutions to the Power BI Service and make dashboards that are visible from any device.


This class is targeted for power users or end-users looking to design their own self-service Business Intelligence solutions. Because this class is focused on self-service end-user solutions, previous SQL Server knowledge is not required. While it’s not mandatory, ideally students should have a basic understanding of database terminology such as tables, views, columns, rows, etc.

System Requirements

    • Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Microsoft Power BI Desktop requires Internet Explorer 10 or greater
    • Microsoft Power BI Desktop is available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) platforms
    • Power BI Desktop (https://aka.ms/pbiSingleInstaller)

Course Outline:

  • Module 01 – Class Introduction
    • Self-Service BI Lifecycle
    • Understanding the Role Self-Service BI Plays with IT
  • Module 02 – Data Discovery with Power BI Desktop
    • Querying Overview
    • Data Source Flexibility
  • Module 03 – Transforming Data
    • Add Column From Example
    • Appending Queries
    • Basic Transforms
    • Combine Files
    • M Query Basics
    • Merging Queries
    • Other Query Features
  • Module 04 – Introduction to Modeling Data
    • Why it is Important to put Data in a Data Model
    • Understanding the Modeling Engine
  • Module 05 – Creating the Data Model
    • Model Enhancements
    • Modeling Basics
    • What If Parameters
  • Module 06 – Creating Calculated Columns
    • Calculated Tables
    • DAX Basics
    • Navigation Function
  • Module 07 – Creating Calculated Measures
    • Measure Basics
    • Time Intelligence Functions
  • Module 08 – Introduction to Visualizing Data
    • Data Visualization Overview
    • Data Visualization Best Practices
  • Module 09 – Creating Basic Reports in Power BI Desktop
    • Creating Bar and Line Charts
    • Combining Charts
    • Using Filters
    • Editing the Interactions Between Visuals
  • Module 10 – Creating Interactive Reports
    • Adding Slicers for Filters
    • Digital Storytelling
    • Other Features
    • Using Custom Visuals
    • Visualizing Categorical and Trend Data Together
    • Visualizing Categorical Data
    • Visualizing Data Trends
    • Visualizing Geographical Data with Maps
    • Visualizing Goal Tracking
    • Visualizing Tabular Data
  • Module 11 – Using Power BI Services
    • Creating and Sharing Dashboards
    • Deploying to the Power BI Service
    • Excel Integration
    • Export and Embed Options
    • Setting up App Workspaces
    • Subscriptions and Alerts
    • Using Power BI Q&A
  • Module 12 – Refreshing the Data
    • Installing the Data Gateway
    • Refreshing Data Overview
    • Scheduling a Data Refresh
  • Module 13 – Mobile BI
    • Designing Reports and Dashboards for Mobile
    • Interacting with the Power BI Mobile App
    • Power BI Mobile Overview

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Instructor – Allison Gonzalez

Allison graduated from Flagler College in 2011. She has worked in management and training for tech companies for the past decade. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, her primary focus is helping our customers learn the ins and outs of Power BI, along with Excel and Teams.