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Virtual Power BI PL-300 Bootcamp

  • Start: Mar 04, 2024 8:00 AM EST
  • End: Mar 07, 2024 4:00 PM EST
  • Cost: $1,995.00
  • Instructor: Angelica Choo Quan
  • Event Categories:
  • Avaliable Seats: Limited seats remaining!
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Event description

In this comprehensive course, we will cover each functional group in detail and have hands-on experience demonstrating the skills that are expected of a Power BI Data Analyst. As a Power BI Data Analyst, you are expected to be proficient in data preparation in the Power Query Editor, writing expressions using the Data Analysis Expression language (DAX), designing a well-performing data model, creating interactive reports for storytelling, and maintaining workspace assets in the Power BI Service. This course is aimed to help you enhance your knowledge of these concepts and equip you with the skills needed to earn the Power BI Data Analyst certification.


This course is designed for Power BI Users who are interested in taking the PL-300 Exam to earn the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification. It is strongly recommended that prior to registering for this bootcamp students have prior experience and foundational-level knowledge of the Power BI Desktop application and online service.

System Requirements

    • Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8
    • Microsoft Power BI Desktop requires Internet Explorer 10 or greater
    • Microsoft Power BI Desktop is available for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) platforms
    • Power BI Desktop (https://aka.ms/pbiSingleInstaller)

Course Outline:

  • Module 01 - Class Introduction
    • Exam Format
    • Test-Taking Options
    • Exam Retake, Reschedule, and Cancellation Policy
  • Module 02 – Get Data from Data Sources
    • Identify and Connect to a Data Source
    • Change Data Source Settings, Including Credentials, Privacy Levels, and Data Source Locations
    • Select a Shared Dataset, or Create a Local Dataset
    • Choose Between DirectQuery, Import, and Dual Mode
    • Change the Value in a Parameter
  • Module 03 - Clean The Data
    • Evaluate Data, Including Data Statistics and Column Properties
    • Resolve Inconsistencies, Unexpected or Null Values, And Data Quality Issues
    • Resolve Data Import Errors
  • Module 04 - Transform and Load the Data
    • Select Appropriate Column Data Types
    • Create And Transform Columns
    • Transform a Query
    • Design a Star Schema That Contains Facts and Dimensions
    • Identify When to Use Reference or Duplicate Queries And The Resulting Impact
    • Merge and Append Queries
    • Identify and Create Appropriate Keys for Relationships
    • Configure Data Loading for Queries
  • Module 05 - Design And Implement a Data Model
    • Configure Table and Column Properties
    • Implement Role-Playing Dimensions
    • Define A Relationship's Cardinality and Cross-Filter Direction
    • Create A Common Date Table
    • Implement Row-Level Security Roles
  • Module 06 - Create Model Calculations by Using DAX
    • Create Single Aggregation Measures
    • Use Calculate to Manipulate Filters
    • Implement Time Intelligence Measures
    • Identify Implicit Measures and Replace with Explicit Measures
    • Use Basic Statistical Functions
    • Create Semi-Additive Measures
    • Create A Measure by Using Quick Measures
    • Create Calculated Tables
  • Module 07 - Optimize Model Performance
    • Improve Performance by Identifying and Removing Unnecessary Rows and Columns
    • Identify Poorly Performing Measures, Relationships, and Visuals by Using Performance Analyzer
    • Improve Performance by Choosing Optimal Data Types
    • Improve Performance by Summarizing Data
  • Module 08 - Create Reports
    • Identify and Implement Appropriate Visualizations
    • Format and Configure Visualizations
    • Use a Custom Visual
    • Apply and Customize a Theme
    • Configure Conditional Formatting
    • Apply Slicing and Filtering
    • Configure the Report Page
    • Use the Analyze in Excel Feature
    • Choose When to Use a Paginated Report
  • Module 09 - Enhance Reports for Usability and Storytelling
    • Configure Bookmarks
    • Create Custom Tooltips
    • Edit And Configure Interactions Between Visuals
    • Configure Navigation for A Report
    • Apply Sorting
    • Configure Sync Slicers
    • Group And Layer Visuals by Using the Selection Pane
    • Drill Down into Data Using Interactive Visuals
    • Configure Export of Report Content, And Perform an Export
    • Share Reports and Visuals in PowerPoint
    • Design Reports for Mobile Devices
    • Incorporate The Q&A Feature in A Report
  • Module 10 - Identify Patterns and Trends
    • Use The Analyze Feature in Power BI
    • Use Grouping, Binning, and Clustering
    • Use AI Visuals
    • Use Reference Lines, Error Bars, and Forecasting
    • Detect Outliers and Anomalies
    • Create And Share Scorecards and Metrics
  • Module 11 - Create and Manage Workspaces and Assets
    • Create and Configure a Workspace
    • Assign Workspace Roles
    • Configure and Update a Workspace App
    • Publish, Import, or Update Assets in a Workspace
    • Create Dashboards
    • Choose a Distribution Method
    • Apply Sensitivity Labels to Workspace Content
    • Configure Subscriptions and Data Alerts
    • Promote Or Certify Power BI Content
    • Manage Global Options for Files
  • Module 12 - Manage Datasets
    • Identify When a Gateway Is Required
    • Configure a Dataset Scheduled Refresh
    • Configure Row-Level Security Group Membership
    • Provide Access to Datasets
  • Module 13 - Practice Exam
    • Practice Exam and Review

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Instructor – Angelica Choo Quan

Shortly after graduating from the University of Florida in 2012, Angelica moved to Jacksonville and began her career as a high school Biology teacher. As a trainer at Pragmatic Works, her primary goal is to help individuals feel more comfortable and confident using Power BI. While not in the office, she enjoys traveling around the city of Jax to check out local eateries, live music events, and performing arts.