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3 Secrets to Changing Your Data Culture

3 Secrets to Changing Your Data Culture

 Overcome Resistance To Data.jpgAre you trying to get new initiatives moving to change the data culture of your business?  Do you have challenges with adoption or getting excitement around these data initiatives?  

Here are 3 secrets that you can implement immediately to get traction on your data culture efforts.

1.  Work Together

Involve your business stakeholders in all phases, from ideas to design. Ask questions like, What do you want this to look like? How is this going to work?

2.  Pilot Quickly

Tools like Power BI and Azure allow you to quickly develop and pilot data initiatives. Then you can meet back with stakeholders after a couple weeks and show them how it’s going to look and feel. Continued conversation throughout the whole process of initiatives is an important piece.

3.  Solve Measurable Problems

Dig deep and figure out data initiatives that are really going to matter, something that can be measured and is worth solving. Ask business stakeholders, What are the problems that you can’t solve today? Don’t just give them a different tool to do the same job; give them a new tool that makes their lives easier, increases productivity or brings them more opportunities.

Putting these simple keys together is what will drive excitement and engagement in your data culture. Pragmatic Works can help you get your data culture changes off the ground and help your team with adoption and excitement to give traction to your initiatives.

Contact us for an architectural design session to change your data culture today.

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