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Are You an SSIS Hater?


Are there things you hate about SSIS? Are you frustrated by slow loading, scripting or potential lack of data quality? Pragmatic Works’ Data Analyst, Achara McNair-Tarfa sat down with our Founder and CEO, Brian Knight, to vent about the top things she hates about SSIS and to learn about how our Task Factory product can help.

 1.  Loading a Data Warehouse

Loading a data warehouse can be painfully slow, as well as a challenge. The built-in component in SSIS, a wizard aptly named Slowly Changing Dimension, will only make you exasperated! In addition, row by row updates are always done – you guessed it – row by row. Our Task Factory software has built-in components to do updates in 10,000 row increments and it also does data warehouse load in memory. Task Factory can give you a 600-900x performance gain!

2.  Scripting

If you’ve spent time building scripts in SSIS repeatedly, like secure FTP or advanced data cleansing, you know how frustrating that can be. In Task Factory, we built in over 65 components for SSIS that will make having to write all those scripts a thing of the past.

3.  Other Connections

Many people only think about their databases when thinking about reporting. But oftentimes,  questions you need answered for your business, for Marketing or Finance for example, comes from data found in other sources, like Salesforce.com or Google Analytics. This is especially true for cloud based organizations. REST Source allows you to connect to all your external sources to get all the data you need to make better business decisions.

4.  Data Quality

With SSIS, it’s hard to guarantee data quality. SSIS has no built-in components for data quality; it’s really a platform to build solutions, and many often overlook the importance of data quality. Task Factory has 10-15 components to ensure data quality such as Fuzzy Grouping, Address Parsing and Address Verification for built in data validation.

Let Pragmatic Works’ Task Factory stop you from being an SSIS hater. Even better, Task Factory is forever free in Visual Studio, you’re only charged when you go to the server. Visit our website to learn about all the incredible features of Task Factory, and fix your relationship with SSIS.

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