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Expand Your Reporting Skills with Our New SSRS Mobile Reports Course!

Expand Your Reporting Skills with Our New SSRS Mobile Reports Course!

This week, we released a new course called Mobile Reports and Dashboards with SSRS 2016! This course is roughly 7-hours in length and is focused on showing off the dashboarding and mobile reporting capabilities of Reporting Services 2016.

In April of 2015, Microsoft acquired the mobile reporting capabilities of a company called Datazen. Those features have now been integrated into SQL Server 2016 to provide an option for dashboards and mobile reporting capabilities without customers having to jump into the cloud (Power BI currently is cloud-only). This class focuses on teaching students how to use the new tool called the Mobile Report Publisher and how to interact with the results in the redesigned Web Portal. I know many of our customers have been asking for this course so we made it a priority and it is now available! Get an close-up look at the course by watching this 2-minute video by Devin Knight:



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Also, feel free to download our SSRS Cheat Sheet from our Resources Library.

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